Organic Rose Hydrating Mist 100ml

A gentle, alcohol free hydrating toner infused with nurturing Rose and calming Chamomile.  Great to use after cleansing or any time of the day as a hydrating spritzer.

Skin Types: All

To Experience:  After cleansing spray a small amount on face and rinse off to assist in removing all traces of cleanser. Alternatively spray on face anytime of day to freshen and hydrate the skin.

Benefits:  Cooling and cleansing on the skin.  Assists in tightening skin pores and hydrates the skin.  Also beneficial to spray after applying makeup to assist in setting makeup.

Ingredients: Organic Demineralised Water, Organic Rose Hydrosol, Organic Chamomile Hydrosol, Organic Orange Blossom Hydrosol, Rose Absolute, Essential Oil Solubiliser, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate.


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Weight 227 g


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