Clay Therapy Workshop

clay therapy demonstration course

Create a luxurious clay mask, cleansing face polish and dry hair shampoo from all natural ingredients that are preservative free and plastic free and great for zero waste.

Learn about the benefits of using clay for different skin types. 

Clay therapy has been used for hundreds and years was an ancient beauty secret. Clay used as an ingredient in making your own face mask assists in drawing out impurities and toxins from the skin while helping to repair and calm inflammation or irritations.  Clay is also wonderful for making your own natural, dry hair shampoo.

This is a demonstration course and the cost is fully redeemable off products in store.  It’s suitable for those who are passionate about natural products and the environment and for those with sensitive skin.

To make an enquiry about the course, please email us at or phone Cherie on 0426 219680.

To make a booking for the course please click here,


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