Cocoa Butter – A sensual treat for skin

Chocolate is delicious. It’s almost addictive, sweet and delightful, and it gets some wonderful endorphins moving around your body- instant happy!

For those of us who love chocolate but don’t want to indulge for health reasons, this can cause a lot of torment- it’s basically agony!

Chocolate is described by some as pure happiness- both the taste, and the smell.

To gratify your chocolate fix you when there is so much of it around, you could always try one of our organic cocoa infused products.  You’ll smell good enough to eat without any of the calories and sugar, and your indulgence will last well beyond a mouthful!

At Cherie Em there are two types of cocoa raw materials that we use, Cocoa butter and Cocoa Absolute.

Cocoa Butter

Organic cocoa butter is used in our Organic Massage Bars & Body Butter.  There are a number of wonderful benefits when it comes to using cocoa butter in your body products routine.

What are the benefits of cocoa butter? Cocoa butter is very beneficial for the skin. It is extremely high in fatty acids which gives it superior moisturising power and assists in improving skin moisture levels and elasticity.  It is claimed to be good for stretch marks and scars. It can be effective for eczema (a patch test is recommended).

Where does cocoa butter come from? The cacao tree products cocoa pods, where cocoa seeds are found.  These cocoa seeds are fermented in banana leaves (really!) then dried and roasted.  After this process, the seeds are pressed and the magical cocoa butter is released. All of the cocoa butter that Cherie Em uses is 100% certified organic- it has been gently steam distilled to remove the strong, buttery odour, and as such our massage bars do not have a chocolate smell but do have a silky, moisturising feel to them.

For more information about cocoa butter, refer to this article,

Cocoa Butter is featured in the following products:  Organic Choc Mint Massage Bar &  Organic Jasmine Massage Bar.

How to use a cocoa butter massage bar:

Gently rub the massage bar into hands until you feel the bar starting to soften- it is ready to be rubbed into the skin (of yourself or somebody special) to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Cocoa butter melts at body temperature so it is a beautiful product, that seems as though it was made to be compatible with human skin.

 If product softens due to heat, simply place in fridge.  Don’t leave in car, or anywhere with extreme temperatures.

Cocoa Absolute

Cocoa butter is also highlighted in gourmand perfumes- refer to our recent blog article for more information on these by clicking here. In natural perfumery, it is the Cocoa Absolute that is used.  The aromatic profile is similar to high quality dark chocolate and a very small amount is used to impart a sensual, intriguing note to perfumes- the perfect decadent treat!

For information on the various perfumes we make that feature Cocoa Absolute, please see the following: Mocha Dream Organic Rollon Perfume, Cocoa Petal Organic Rollon Perfume & Cocoa Petal Organic Solid Perfume.

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