Gourmand Perfumes



A gourmand perfume is also described as ‘an olfactory desert’; a perfume that consists primarily of edible notes, and connects our bond between fragrances and taste- they smell delicious and are utterly nostalgic- pure magic!

Nalia Hamayed, Creative Director of Givuadan, recently spoke to Perfumer & Flavourist (www.perfumerflavorist.com) and stated that gourmand fragrances, once a trend, are ‘a must- something that is here to last’, and went on to call the sweet notes of gourmand ‘part of most feminine fragrances’. She cited the popularity of the scents being due to their ‘regressive, reassuring and mouthwatering aspects with an immediate feeling of happiness.

Cherie Em doesn’t use any of the synthetic gourmand notes which have become popular over the past few years; bubblegum, caramel, candy, cucumber etc- we pride ourselves on using all of the beautiful, natural and raw materials available to us. Cocoa Absolute, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Clove, Nutmeg, Peppercorn, Citrus Peel and more edible notes are combined with other raw materials to create a beautifully layered fragrance with interesting nuances.

We are passionate about creative blends- a hint of Black Pepper can give a very feminine floral a nice little kick and spark, or cocoa used moderately is extremely warm and sensual, and smooths out a strong floral beautifully. Like anything in life, fragrance is a balancing act and there is absolutely such thing as ‘too much of a good thing’; too much sweetness can stand out and overpower other subtle notes.

Cherie Em’s gourmand fragrances, Mocha Dream and Cocoa Petal are very popular in store- we are often told they are ‘good enough to eat’ (though they smell better than they taste, promise) and are definitely customer favourites.

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