Arôme comptoir; the Cherie Em fragrance experience.



The experience can take form in a number of ways, each as delicious to the senses as the one before.

Arôme expérience un;

Cherie herself will lead you to her fragrance room- an intimate space composed of perfumed organic-shea-butter-lime-lavenderair and a sensation of something very special. Here she will treat you to a bespoke hand scrub using an in-house hand and body polish of your choosing. During this, you will experience billows of aromatic clouds rising from the tagine of warm water your hands bathe in and your mind being utterly enveloped in the fragrance being worked into your skin.

After drying, you will be treated to a shea butter rub. Upon completion of your experience, you will notice a distinct change in your presence. This is a fragrant moment blended with expert application that will enlighten, balance and educate you, as opposed to a spa or massage treatment.

Experience Time: 20min // Experience Rate: $25, redeemable in-store at Cherie Em to purchase products.

Arôme expérience deux;

Massage Bar

As an individual or in a small group, Cherie will take you through how to create your own massage bar using beautiful and pure essential oils of your choosing. First she will educate you on the unique properties held by each oil, so that you may create to evoke sensuality, mindfullness, awakenment or focus (or, whatever you are seeking). At the end of the session you will have the knowledge to create your own artisinal massage bars, a clear understanding of a number of oils and fragrances and a bar of your very own to take home and indulge in.

Experience Time: 20-30min (exclusive of half an hour setting time) // Experience Rate: $25, inclusive of your own organic massage bars.

Arôme expérience trois;

diy-beauty-13Alike experience deux in that this is an instructive and illuminating short course, trois involves creating a full-sized hand and body scrub to take home and adore. The session will commence with Cherie explaining how she chooses natural and significant raw materials to include in her scrubs, as well as a number of details about the dozens of beautiful oils you can choose to scent your scrub with. This experience culminates in not only knowledge and understanding surrounded by beautiful fragrance, but also the scrub of your daydreams to take pride in and treasure.

Experience Time: 20-30min // Experience Rate: $35, inclusive of 250gm hand & body scrub.


To book a Cherie Em Fragrance Experience please phone Cherie on 0426 219680.

The experiences are held at our Willunga store and can also be held at an alternative location upon request.